Fleeting/Harbor Courses Fill Training Niche

Mar 18, 2010

SCI offers new classes based on industry feedback.

SCI updates its maritime education course offerings each year. Mariners—both new and veteran—receive top-notch training from experienced teachers who dexterously adapt to growth and change in the industry. Based on feedback from these professionals, SCI designs and redesigns its courses to make sure that mariners are prepared for the real rigors of work on America’s waterways.

Recently, SCI’s maritime education leaders began exploring the opportunity for training workers in the Harbor and Fleeting Boat community, operators that work in and around the multitude of barge fleets up and down the United States’ rivers. SCI thought that using its simulator technology and first-rate curriculum, it could meet the educational needs of these captains and pilots.
On February 4, SCI held an Open House at its Center for Maritime Education in Paducah. Participants discussed the capabilities of SCI’s facility, including SCI’s upgraded simulator and the potential curriculum for courses pertaining to Harbor and Fleeting vessels. 
Thanks to input from the Open House, SCI made simulation training available in 2010. 
“We believe we can offer quality training that is practical and relevant to this segment of the inland industry,” said Eric Larsson, Director of SCI’s Center for Maritime Education. He says that from class size to course length, SCI has adapted these classes to meet the needs of the industry. “Mariners will leave SCI with the experience they want,” said Larsson, “and employers, because they’ve been so instrumental in developing these courses, will get training specifically designed for them.”
SCI continually invites maritime companies to provide feedback as to how SCI can best serve training needs in the industry. For more information about SCI’s maritime education course offerings, email cme@seamenschurch.org