Knit 4 Lent: 4,000 Hats in 40 Days

Feb 6, 2008

Episcopal knitters and groups across the country are invited to include “Knit 4 Lent” as part of their Lenten discipline. The Seamen’s Church Institute is hoping to gather 4,000 of the very popular hand-knit or crocheted hats for mariners working in the Gulf Coast during Christmas 2008.

Last year SCI's Christmas at Sea and Christmas on the River distributed a record over 17,651 handmade gifts to mariners working lonely waters on Christmas Day. (Link to 4-color Knit Before Christmas Winter 2008 newsletter.)

“Knitters can pray with their hands as they make these Christmas gifts and become a partner in SCI’s ministry of hospitality. They will help us share God’s love at his Incarnation as they contemplate his death and Resurrection during Lent,” said the Rev. David Rider, SCI’s Executive Director.

Veteran Episcopal knitters are already responding. Sandy Goodwin from Grace Episcopal Church, Charleston, SC wrote, “I am very excited about your Knit 4 Lent program. We have had several mission groups to the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Katrina, so people would love to participate.”