LSBA Honors Heroes

Apr 27, 2011

Yesterday, the Seamen's Church Institute (SCI) hosted the annual Life Saving Benevolent Association (LSBA) Awards ceremony honoring 16 New York City firefighters and police officers for courageous water rescues. The LSBA, begun in 1849 and currently administered by SCI, recognizes and rewards courage in the rescue of human life at sea or on navigable waters; encourages training in seamanship, rescue methods and resuscitation; and performs other services of a charitable and educational nature. This year, more than 100 friends, family members, and coworkers gathered at Trinity Church to celebrate these individuals’ brave actions. Read accounts of the rescues here.

SCI and the LSBA recognize the heroism those who risk their lives on the water to save others, and thank these courageous individuals for their selflessness and fortitude.

2010 Life Saving Benevolent Association Awardees

  • Detective Clifford Allen
  • Detective Andrew Bershad
  • Detective Thomas Byrnes
  • Detective James Coll
  • Detective William Hart
  • Detective Robert Mirfield
  • Detective Sean Mulcahy
  • Detective Todd Sessa
  • Detective George Sichler
  • Detective Shawn Soler
  • Detective Francis Vitale
  • Detective Christopher Williams
  • Firefighter Glenn Bullock
  • Firefighter Brian Cutrona
  • Firefighter William Owens
  • Firefighter Christopher Rice