Marine Underwriters Honor SCI

Nov 23, 2009

by the Rev. David M. Rider, President & Executive Director

At its annual dinner on November 19 with nearly 700 members in attendance, the American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU) celebrated SCI’s 175th anniversary of service to mariners. I provided the dinner’s invocation and thanked AIMU for its strong support of SCI over the years.

SCI and AIMU share strong historic bonds and a common concern for safety at sea. Safety initiatives and risk reduction protect expensive property while sparing injury to front-line seafarers laboring in sometimes trying conditions. At the dinner, I cited SCI’s maritime education and simulation centers in Paducah, KY and Houston, TX as prime examples of a common commitment to mariner safety and professionalism.

I also noted the close leadership connection between AIMU members and SCI’s Board of Trustees. For many years, SCI has benefited from the philanthropic support and leadership contributions of AIMU companies and industry executives. SCI’s Chairman of the Board David S. French serves as President of Starr Marine Agency, Inc. and has served as past chairman of AIMU. SCI trustees Raymond Hayden and James McNamara also are actively involved in AIMU’s work.

In his generous remarks regarding SCI’s mission, AIMU Chairman Dennis Marvin read the following citation:

Whereas, the Seamen’s Church Institute is celebrating its 175th anniversary in providing service to the personal, professional, and spiritual well-being of merchant mariners around the world; and

Whereas, since its earliest days, the Seamen’s Church Institute and its staff have been witness to God’s loving presence and justice through its pastoral care of seafarers and river mariners. They provide professional training that enhances safety and protects the environment, and they also provide advocacy that brings legal aid to seafarers throughout the world; and

Whereas, today the strong foundations of faith and witness that brought the mission into being are still found in the Seamen’s Church Institute; as we are reminded in the words of Matthew 25:21, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

Now therefore, I, Dennis C. Marvin, Chairman of the American Institute of Marine Underwriters, in recognition of this important anniversary, do hereby proclaim Thursday, November 19, 2009 a day for all in the United States ocean marine insurance industry, as, “THE SEAMEN’S CHURCH INSTITUTE RECOGNITION DAY.”

Since 1898, AIMU has served as a trade association representing ocean marine insurers in the United States. It coordinates public advocacy on marine insurance issues, member professional education guidelines while serving as a forum for addressing regulatory and other technical issues related to the marine insurance industry.