Newark Center Reopens in a Few Days

Nov 1, 2010
by the Rev. David M. Rider, President & Executive Director
Staff and contractors are working intensively to assure a successful reopening of the Seamen’s Church Institute’s (SCI) Port Newark International Seafarers’ Center in the coming days.
As we await final approval for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, furniture is moving into place, the pool table just arrived, sound technicians are setting up the TV, and painters are touching up the walls. The elevator is working, and bright overhead lights blend with natural sunshine to flood the space with light.
Last week, staff from Manhattan’s Solid Color Inc. hung some 40 beautiful photos from maritime photographer Gregory Thorp. The Thorp photos depict inspiring scenes of seafarers, vessels, and shorelines in the Port of New York & New Jersey. They celebrate the best of the maritime industry and seafarers’ spirit. Another dozen Thorp photos will decorate the first floor when we open it in several months. I thank New York Container Terminal, Moran Towing Corporation, Sandy Hook Pilots, and countless seafarers who helped us complete this beautiful project that will adorn the Center’s space for years to come. 
Recently, we escorted International Seafarers’ Center Receptionist Janet Temchus to see her new workspace. Janet was overcome with joyous emotion when she saw the space where she will work to welcome seafarers, port workers, and truckers who enter our Center every day.
Soon, we hope to announce a specific day for opening—I hope in the next ten days. Meanwhile, please enjoy photos from the past few days, real signs of excitement and the home stretch to a new chapter of hospitality in Port Newark.