SCI Joins Celebration of WCI Transition

Feb 27, 2009

SCI joined the special tribute and dinner for recently retired Waterways Council President Barry Palmer on Tuesday, February 24, in Washington DC.

SCI’s President and Executive Director, the Rev. David Rider, gave the invocation at the dinner for 175 inland river transportation leaders who feted Palmer as part of an annual gathering in our nation’s capitol to lobby government officials regarding critical river infrastructure priorities.

With his extended family joining the party, Palmer heard tributes from river transportation industry leaders, the Army Corps of Engineers and community Chambers of Commerce located along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. “Barry has become a river legend through his 27 years of service and advocacy on behalf of our nation’s inland waterways,” noted Fr. Rider. “It was an honor and privilege to sit with Barry Palmer and newly elected WCI leader Cornel Martin as they completed passing the leadership baton.”

Waterways Council, Inc. is the national public policy organization advocating a modern and well-maintained national system of ports and inland waterways. The group is supported by waterways carriers, shippers, port authorities, shipping associations and waterways advocacy groups from all regions of the country. SCI works closely with WCI through its Paducah and Houston continuing maritime education service and its Ministry on the River chaplains’ services.

The next evening, Fr. Rider participated in the conclusion of the three-day meetings by providing the invocation at WCI’s Leadership Service Award Celebration honoring U.S. Senator Tom Harkin, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

As part of SCI’s continuing service to the people and natural resources of the inland river system, Fr. Rider also serves as trustee of the National Waterways Foundation, a separate non-profit organization that sponsors research studies, education and training programs, to help people understand how to maintain our waterways system, enhance its capabilities and promote its value in the years ahead.