Awakening the nation to the contributions of mariners

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) asks knitters to help increase awareness of mariners’ contributions by making—and hiding in plain sight—mini mariners’ watchcaps. The hats draw attention to the fact that mariners, whose work is often hidden in plain sight, deliver more than 90% of all imported goods.

SCI makes available a pattern for a miniature mariners’ watchcap (along with an informational tag to attach) as part of a nationwide activity called #WATCHthisCAP. Knitters and their friends place completed knits in conspicuous places to educate the public about the world’s maritime workforce.

SCI’s #WATCHthisCAP movement will have folks discovering these handknit creations, revealing a fact that many don’t realize: much of what shoppers purchase on a day-to-day basis comes courtesy of the men and women of maritime commerce.

Track the placement of the mini hats and monitor their impact on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks using the hashtag #WATCHthisCAP. Watch this space for the project’s development.

Want to Participate?

Fill out this form, and SCI will send you a pattern with instructions and a tag. (See sample tag below.)

  1. Knit the Miniature Watchcap.
  2. Punch out, sign and attach the tag included with the pattern.
  3. Put the tagged watchcap in a place others will see between Thanksgiving and New Year. (Position your cap responsibly.)
  4. Share photos, videos and stories online using the hashtag #WATCHthisCAP.

The miniature hat requires only 0.2 oz. of worsted weight yarn (~12 yards) and knits up with US size 5 or 6 dpns. If you want to make multiple hats, let us know to send extra tags.

A small donation—although not necessary—helps SCI offset the costs of printing and postage. If you would like to make a contribution, use the green DONATE button on this page.

Associated PDF: