Stevenson Contributes to Law Textbook

May 2, 2016

In January 2016, the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) published the second volume of a major work of reference on maritime law. Over 70 experts in the field contributed to the contents of The IMLI Manual on International Maritime Law, including the Seamen’s Church Institute’s (SCI) Director of Center for Seafarers’ Rights, Douglas B. Stevenson.

The volumes, published by Oxford University Press, cover all aspects of law concerning shipping and the latest developments affecting the industry and the people who work in it. Topics range from vessel registration and ownership to regulations concerning maritime safety.

IMLI tapped the expertise of SCI’s Stevenson for his understanding and experience with maritime labor law and the impact of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 on the industry. Over his 25-year career with SCI, Stevenson has worked with international organizations and governments developing industry regulations and helped hundreds of individual seafarers with work-related issues. His chapter in the recently produced volume provides readers with an overview of modern seafarers’ rights, as well as the historical perspective in which these laws developed.

Although drafted internationally, enforcement of treaties and conventions concerning shipping relies heavily on individual states. Professor David Attard, Director of IMLI, explains this as the impetus driving the publication of an exhaustive compendium of knowledge on these matters. With the insight and expertise of leading figures in international maritime law like Stevenson, this three-volume publication raises the bar of maritime legal expertise, equipping various parties to advocate for good practice and safe standards in the industry around the world.