CME Simulation Terms of Reference

SCI’s Center for Maritime Education (CME) provides the highest quality simulator-based professional development training at current market prices for United States Merchant Marine deck officers and for the companies for whom they work in order to protect human life and the marine environment. 

The CME shall achieve this through:

  • employing highly qualified instructors who meet USCG standards, who model the highest level of professionalism, who receive continuing evaluation by the Director of Maritime Education, and who participate in professional training and development to improve their competency and their creativity
  • providing CME-developed and USCG-approved courses and assessments built upon established principles of adult education
  • offering CME-developed simulation exercises which challenge the officer to think creatively, strengthen the officer’s problem-solving skills and provide opportunities to work collaboratively with fellow officers
  • acquiring and maintaining the best simulator hardware and software available on the market
  • fostering extensive, ongoing, robust relationships with our customers and our customers’ customers in order to build a training program that meets their needs, and also to receive ongoing feedback
  • implementing and maintaining ISO 9001 certification

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