Matching Gifts

A significant portion of the money corporations give away to good causes each year comes through gift-matching programs. With as many as one out of every ten gifts eligible for a match, you many wonder if your donation to SCI meets the criteria for inclusion.

If you work for a corporation that matches charitable gifts, you can increase the help you give mariners without adding a penny to your personal contribution. Many corporations match donor gifts dollar-for-dollar. Some go even further.

Start by finding out if your employer has a matching gift program in place. If so, your company can tell you (usually via the Human Resources department) the steps to take to get your gifts matched. Those steps may involve completing forms and submitting information about the recipient organization.

When making your gift to SCI, indicate that your company intends to match it by checking the box on the SCI donation form in print or online. SCI can coordinate with your employer and answer further questions they might have. Letting us know also ensures SCI counts the matching portion of your gift as part of your giving total in our Annual Report.

Companies not familiar with the Institute may need clarification of some crucial facts about the nature of SCI’s work and the ways in which SCI uses donations. Oftentimes, matching gift schemes exclude religious organizations; however, a corporation may consider matching a gift if given further information about a nonprofit. With them, you might find it helpful to share the following:

  • SCI is a self-governing 501c(3) not-for-profit organization. Although affiliated with the Episcopal Church, SCI is not an integrated auxiliary of the church nor does it operate a church of its own.

  • Many of the major programs SCI offers consist of professional development opportunities and advocacy for mariners, and SCI offers all of its programs to mariners regardless of a person’s creed, background, religion or ethnicity.

  • A copy of SCI’s Annual Report detailing financials is available online.

Corporate gift matching can double the difference in the life of a mariner served by SCI. Help mariners even more by asking your employer about this opportunity today.

For more information about matching gifts, contact Jennifer Koenig, SCI’s Director of Development, at [email protected] or 212-349-9090.