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Breaking Bulk: Recurring Gifts

In the shipping industry, the term break bulk refers to cargo that must be loaded and unloaded individually from a vessel. Until the advent of containerization in the 1960s, most vessels carried cargo this way—in crates, boxes or barrels. Old-fashioned manpower shifted the goods in port—bit by bit.

Today, the term break bulk refers most often to oversized and heavyweight cargo that does not fit into intermodal containers—things like luxury yachts, construction equipment, windmill turbines and locomotive engines. These big-ticket items might seem impossible to ship, but specialized break bulk equipment can manage the most unwieldy cargo safely and efficiently.

Breaking bulk makes possible the shipment of things that seem un-shippable to even the most challenging locations.

People can employ “break bulk” principles in philanthropy to make possible contributions that, as one-time gifts, might also seem impossible. Recurring gifts split a large contribution into manageable bits and, like the heavy-lift cranes used in break bulk shipping, organizations like the Seamen’s Church Institute (SCI) offer specialized tools to enable a simple way of doing it. (See “How to Make a Recurring Gift.”)

Little Things Mean A Lot

Used in parts of the globe where ports have minimal shore facilities, break bulk shipping allows the expansion of developing countries’ infrastructure with advances like wind farms, power plants and highways. “Breaking bulk” with your financial gift to SCI has the potential to do a lot of good, too.

Dividing a gift into installments—through automatic payments on your credit card—provides a steady stream of vital income to the organization that supports mariners. Regular cash flow allows SCI to accurately plan and efficiently manage resources over the course of a fiscal year.

Monthly or weekly contributions of seemingly small amounts add up. Look at what your gift, broken up into installments, can provide for mariners.

How to Make a Recurring Gift

SCI has made it easy. Simply indicate online you would like to make a Recurring Gift and select the frequency and start and ending date. SCI will charge your credit or debit card every month using your customized instructions. Just click here or the green donate button on this website and choose “Recurring Gift.”