Simulator training puts students in a realistic environment without risk of injury to crewmembers or damage to equipment. Our simulators enable companies to exceed requirements for United States Coast Guard (USCG), American Waterways Operators (AWO), SIRE inspections and TMSA vetting for professional training and mariner assessments.

SCI’s simulators house full-mission bridges, type-approved domestically by the USCG and class-approved by classification societies such as ABS and DNV.

Kongsberg Simulators (Paducah, KY and Houston, TX)

SCI’s Centers for Maritime Education use Kongsberg Polaris full mission ship bridge simulators consisting of fully equipped interactive ship’s bridges with visual systems. The simulators meet the simulation requirements of STCW Section A-1/12- Performance Standards for Simulators used in Training. Simulation and monitoring capabilities include:

  • Four wheelhouses, each with twelve 65-inch LCD/LED TV monitors, 8 channels looking forward and 4 channels looking aft, strengthening close-quarter maneuvering for locking, docking and vessel transfer, while retaining long-distance perception for bridge and lock-chamber setup
  • Breakthrough night simulation capacity
  • Hydrodynamic calibration of 23 vessels—large and small, loaded and unloaded, dry bulk and tank barge—to sync with latest software, providing realistic navigation “feel” to pilots
  • Interchangeable traditional steering levers and azimuth thruster Z-drive propulsion systems.

Transas Simulator (Houston, TX)

A one-bridge simulator system that meets the requirements for USCG assessments, including items from the Towing Officer Assessment Record (TOAR), and provides opportunities for efficient, cost-effective human resource evaluations

SCI’s specialized space for mariner assessment provides the ability to sign off on TOAR items, regulations stemming from new Subchapter M towing vessel regulations and the Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) guidelines. Maritime transportation companies choose from a catalog of simulations matching standardized exams and requirements.

SCI’s Transas simulator suite contains a single full-mission bridge pilothouse, classroom and debriefing area, all designed to work independently from the Houston Center’s larger four-bridge Kongsberg simulator. The smaller footprint of this simulator allows SCI to offer individualized instruction at a lower cost.

SCI is currently scheduling appointments for assessments. The adaptable facility can accommodate two mariners per day. Advanced scheduling is required, so please email or call SCI at +1 713-674-1236 to inquire about availability.