Center for Maritime Education Hosts Courses for Offshore e-Learning Company

In 2020, during the pandemic, Angel Owens started Maritime Training Online (MTO) in response to a clear need for asynchronous e-learning specifically tailored to the offshore industry—accessible anytime, anywhere. Upon start-up, Mrs. Owens reached out to Seamen’s Church Institute’s Center for Maritime Education as it seemed to her “a natural choice to look to when I started this project.”

“I have worked with SCI in the past.” continued Mrs. Owens. “As a training manager, I used SCI’s online platform for our mariners. They developed our company’s training website and the learning management system for our courses. SCI’s educators have always been very informative and helpful, and they are one of the best teams I have ever worked with.

MTO offers U.S. Coast Guard-approved courses in Stability and Ballast Control which are hosted by CME’s E-learning platform. Additional training—such as Jack-Up Comprehensive Stability, Quality Assessor Training, Stability Refresher courses, and access to license preparation study materials—are in the works.

“When things slowed down during COVID and Angel came to us with her idea to start up these courses, we jumped at the chance to assist her,” notes CME Director Captain Stephen Polk. “We have a long relationship with Angel, she has significant expertise with offshore oil and gas exploration, and this project aligned with CME’s initiatives and mission.”

“The CME sees this as an added benefit to our e-learning toolbox,” Capt. Polk continued, “and this partnership is a win-win because it diversifies training and is a pathway to position SCI back into the blue-water training world.”