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The Seamen’s Church Institute’s (SCI) reach, influence, scale, and level of innovation for both international seafarers and U.S. mariners is unmatched in the North American maritime community. We are dedicated to mariner well-being, pastoral care, maritime training, navigational and vessel safety, legal advocacy, and global policy for the vital yet often overlooked role of those who work within the maritime industry. Our work and mission is only made possible through the generous support of our sponsors, donors and volunteers.

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E-Learning SASH Course for Inland Maritime

Ensuring maritime safety is important, but fostering a safe workplace environment for mariners is equally essential. Collaborating with inland maritime HR and legal experts, SCI’s Center for Maritime Education e-Learning is now offering a specialized course on sexual assault and sexual harassment. Contact [email protected] for details.

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Addressing Seafarer Mental Health.

As SCI President & Executive Director, the Rev. Mark Nestlehutt, notes: “We all worry, and we all wish for safety and security for ourselves and our families. Seafarers are no different, yet they face challenges while at sea, in an isolated and often risky environment.” Learn more by downloading Addressing and Managing Seafarer Mental Health Challenges, published in collaboration with the American P&I Club.

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The Lookout

The Lookout is SCI’s semiannual magazine that provides deeper insights into SCI news, history, and events.

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The Origins of SCI

Explore our legacy of supporting mariners and seafarers. This 12-minute video traces SCI’s origins from a small floating church nestled within the port of New York to its growth into North America’s largest and most comprehensive mariner and seafarer service agency.

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