CME Sees Growth in 2023 in Simulator Training and e-Learning.

As part of SCI’s mission focus, the Center for Maritime Education is dedicated to training mariners and optimizing mariner safety. SCI is pleased to report that CME experienced noteworthy growth in mariner training between 2022 and 2023. While the adoption of the cutting-edge K-Sim operating system posed initial challenges early in 2023, causing a slight impact on training days in Houston, CME quickly got back on track with a combined effort of both centers that resulted in the training of over 1,262 mariners. This marked a 13% increase compared to 2022 figures. Additionally, CME’s e-Learning platform showed continuous expansion, with a 9.5% rise in mariners—representing 37 companies—utilizing our learning management system.

In addition to mariner training, CME remains dedicated to enhancing navigational and vessel operational safety. In the year 2023, CME actively contributed to three feasibility studies for companies and agencies along the Texas Gulf Coast.