Customized Training Content

CME works with ARTCo to create an Extensive Video Training Library.

In the evolving maritime education landscape, adaptability and innovation are key to ensuring that mariners receive the highest quality training to navigate the complexities of their roles effectively. SCI’s Center for Maritime Education has risen to this challenge, taking a comprehensive step forward through a unique training-content partnership with American River Transportation Company, or ARTCo, a division of Archer-DanielsMidland Company.

In mid-2023, CME e-Learning was entrusted with helping to build a substantial library of online learning courses for towboat crews. “The content of these video modules,” notes CME e-Learning Manager Jonathan Burson, “predominantly focuses on essential procedures and operations related to deck work. So, think basic activities such as operating specific winches, wire rope handling, deck rigging, and many other aspects critical to the maritime industry. This approach reinforces learning and ensures that deckhands and mates are well-prepared for the various challenges they may encounter when on duty.” When completed, the library will feature over 60 video courses.

Together with Mike Martin Media based in St. Louis, CME is creating a video library of basic towboat training modules for ARTCo. Here’s a collection of stills from the program on “Operating a Winch.”

CME’s collaboration with ARTCo exemplifies its ability to tailor educational content to meet the specific needs of its clients. ARTCo initially sought off-the-shelf learning solutions but discovered, after working with CME e-Learning that customized content was more in line with achieving their training goals. Says Burson, “We’re in a great position to best assist with the project. Our flexibility allows clients like ARTCo to inject company-specific policies and requirements into their training materials while ensuring that content aligns seamlessly with their objectives.” With over 11,000 mariners and 30 companies currently using the e-Learning database, carving out the time beyond operating CME’s learning management system (LMS) to create high-quality training is challenging. “Many only see the final 1- or 2-minute project,” explains Burson, “Few realize the amount of work that goes into creating it. It’s an involved process: scouting scenes, script writing, getting the video, editing, and aftereffects.” With the significant scope of this project, Burson and CME recruited industry-experienced Mike Martin Media out of St. Louis to handle the video creation. “And they’ve been outstanding in helping us build this out for ARTCo,” continued Burson. This project is divided into three phases and is looking to wrap by the end of 2023.

Creating video training is not new to CME. It has already developed its own online content—the Rules of the Road training modules released last year. So, now, venturing into partnerships with maritime operators to create customized online training seems like a natural step forward. “Working closely with ARTCo, we recognized their serious commitment to safety in their culture,” said Burson. “And that’s very much aligned with what we do and have already done.” Beyond content, CME offers the capacity to also set up accounts, create a curriculum based on the client’s training matrix, and ensure a seamless integration into the organization’s existing online infrastructure. Additionally, CME provides off-the-shelf course content for clients with their own LMS that can be readily integrated and tailored to meet specific company needs.

CME’s unwavering focus is on ensuring mariner safety, which entails collaborating with clients to provide the most efficient and optimal means of imparting up-to-date training and industry best practices. Initiatives like the partnership between CME and ARTCo exemplify our dedication to realizing this objective, as we actively fulfill our mission through personalized, cooperative efforts. Recognizing that companies clearly understand their training requirements, CME, as their trusted partner, is committed to delivering tailor-made training solutions that precisely meet those needs.

For more information on custom video content for mariner training, email Jonathan Burson—Manager, E-Learning at CME