SCI Mission Areas

Since our founding in 1834, The Seamen’s Church Institute has set the standard for mariner and seafarer support. We meet mariners wherever they may be, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women of our industry on their best and worst days. While our origins lie in the Episcopal Church, we embrace all faiths and are inclusive in our ministry, services, staffing, and board representation.

SCI pledges to uphold our enduring legacy of serving and protecting the personal and professional lives of mariners and seafarers with unwavering compassion and dedication. We are committed to partnering with the maritime industry to ensure dignity within the workplace, and the safety of vessel operations and maritime environments. Through our efforts, we strive to foster a safer, more respectful, and sustainable maritime community, both internationally and domestically.



Ministry on the River

While SCI’s Ministry on the River attends to the spiritual needs of mariners, its scope extends far beyond that. With three Chaplains stationed along the Mississippi River and Gulf Coast, along with a network of Chaplain Associates in 14 other states, we offer crisis response, mental health support, guidance, and a comforting presence to address the concerns and needs of our Inland and Gulf Coast mariners.

Port of New York & New Jersey

The Port of New York and New Jersey ranks among the largest ports in North America. SCI has stationed three chaplains at the International Seafarers’ Center (ISC) who, along with a small group of Chaplain Associates, make regular visits to ships to engage with seafarers. The ISC serves as our facility within the port, providing a haven for the entire port community, including seafarers, truckers, and port workers.

Legal Advocacy

While the Center for Mariner Advocacy provides legal aid and manages cases for mariners and seafarers, it is also actively involved in shaping international and domestic policies for maritime workers. It operates at the forefront, protecting their rights and advocating for their safety and well-being.

Training & Feasibility Studies

The Center for Maritime Education offers cutting-edge online courses and simulator training tailored for the Inland and Gulf Coastal maritime industry. Additionally, with a focus on enhancing the safety of waterways and maritime infrastructure, CME collaborates with engineering firms and maritime agencies to create navigational studies to test vessels and proposed construction projects.