Volunteer for SCI

With a network of volunteers nationwide, SCI makes sure that no matter where their rigorous work takes them, mariners have someone on whom they can depend. SCI offers many ways volunteers can contribute to the work of the Institute.

  • Knitting
  • Collecting and organizing the collection of items for mariners
  • Service projects for children
  • Volunteer ship/boat visiting, welcoming port workers, and offering hospitality at SCI's seafarers' centers
  • Becoming a Mariner Friendly Church

Volunteering at SCI not only serves the needs of mariners but can also be a rewarding association with people from other states and countries. SCI empowers many different people to work together on various projects. Equally, SCI connects individuals one-on-one with mariners visiting their community, sharing stories of travel, family, and other cultures.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at SCI, speak with a chaplain or email our volunteer coordinator. To see SCI’s ministry firsthand, arrange a visit to one of our seafarers’ centers by emailing a chaplain.


Volunteer Ship Visitor
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